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Eating an apple before bedtime is a good remedy.

by Joe
(Bastrop, Texas)

Don't eat it and then go to bed though because in many cases that's the cause of acid reflux. In my case I find that I am only affected if I sleep on my left side. As long as I sleep on my back or my right side I have never had an attack. Also do not eat any dairy products and especially ice cream prior to going to sleep. It's the fuel for your acid reflux. If I can stand up quickly as I'm getting the attack I don't have the big problem of catching my breath but if I'm in full spasm I found that if I raise my arms in the air and bend slightly at the waste I regain my airway very quickly. That burning sensation will linger for an hour or so but the only remedy after an attack that I found is to sit up in a chair, drink sips of water and relax. Don't lie down flat or you will most certainly have another attack.

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