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Baking soda

by Cheese Louise

I've been using a bit of baking soda in about 1/2 cup water every few days (bottled water, I never feel fully comfortable with tap water), for a few weeks now. I remember my parents using it occasionally, it does really instantly halt an attack. We need to go back to high school chemistry to understand why it works: the acid in the tummy is instantly neutralized by the baking soda which is a "base".

I keep seeing some kind of new pills at Wally World promoted as relief for indigestion. I finally looked at the ingredients which was mainly bicarbonate soda! I immediately dismissed it saying, "that just doesn't seem like a good idea" knowing how often I pop a tums, what might that do to my blood pressure? This, knowing my recent habit of BS for relief. Now I see why I should probably keep a few of these new pills in my purse, for when I'm away from home. I always have a bottle of water handy when not home.
For anyone interested, i THINK the name if these pills is "Picot" (???). The friendly Wal-Mart Pharmacist will help you out. (They are OTC) It's always a good idea to read the ingredients! There was a time when we weren't told such info.

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