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The Scoop on Heartburn Symptoms and Symptoms of Indigestion that are
very painful!!

Heartburn symptoms and symptoms of indigestion feel like a severe burning in the throat, upper stomach, lower chest or feeling upper central abdominal pain. They can be different for every person. It is very important to first find out if the burning sensation is related to any heart problems through your Physician!

Heart problems can be diagnosed by your Doctor through physical exam, tests and lab work. This is important because sometimes they can feel very similar with chest pain and you want to make sure that it's Acid reflux and not heart problems in the beginning.

The word heartburn came about from the fact that pain is coming from the chest area where the heart is located so the word heartburn came about. Another medical word for heartburn is pyrosis which is the same as acid indigestion.

Can stress cause heartburn? Yes, stress can cause heartburn because stress can cause an upset stomach with the stomach secreting excess stomach acid, just like stress can cause stomach ulcers from the excess stomach acid with very painful burning and stomach ache. Heartburn symptoms are used interchangeably with acid indigestion.

The burning sensation feels like your chest is on fire and is quite unbearable. At times the bloating makes you feel like you are going to pop. The pain can also come from just behind the breastbone or near the jaw area.

A quick remedy is baking soda for heartburn.

Acid indigestion can be felt after burping because the burp brings up the gastric juices from the esophagus and starts the severe burning feeling. Stomach acid is very strong and the irritation can start a chronic cough. A burp is not always necessary for heartburn to begin. Silent reflux can also start without burping.

The burning is so uncomfortable that one looks for immediate relief. Just drinking a glass of water sometimes can give immediate relief because a glass of cool water can dilute the gastric acid irritating the esophagus and washes the burning acid back down to the stomach.

This is one of the natural remedies for heartburn that is cheap and effective, however temporary.

There are foods to help heartburn that are very helpful to stop heartburn fast. One cheap easy natural remedy is drinking Aloe Vera Juice that is very soothing, healing and supplies live enzymes for digestion. Once you start drinking this chilled juice or gel you'll want to keep drinking it because of the soothing relief and healing effects.

Acid reflux medication is also available over the counter at the grocery store or pharmacy. Your Doctor may also prescribe a medication to help. The goal is to find out why you are getting these symptoms from what you are eating or drinking and to stop it. Let's go on to some more info........

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