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The Best Acai Berry Information you go!!!

Acai berry information you'll find here is about the little purple acai berry superfood. Wow! Acai berry benefits of this little purple berry from the Amazon is so healing and full of the highest antioxidants, chock full of nutrients at the top of the charts. 

Health benefits of acai berry is listed as  good foods for acid reflux and on my list of alkalizing foods and supplements. Known also as one of the worlds ultimate superfoods. Yes!!

When I first heard about acai and saw the printed word I pronounced it llike the "c" was a "k" and it sounded more like the raft "akaya" but the "c"  is pronounced as an "s" and the "a" pronounced as a long " i " and the " i " is pronounced as a long "e".  (Ah-sigh-ee) After figuring that out the question is .........

                 What is Acai Berry?

Acai berry is a small purple berry fruit. You would think it came from an acai berry plant or bush like a blueberry bush. But the origin of acai is really  from a palm tree in South America, mostly around the rain forest in the Amazon in Brazil. It is the Acai palm species " Euterpe oleracea". Early exporers found that native people in the Amazon used this berry for a food staple and ate it at most every meal. 

Few other outside  people new about Acai berry information on palm fruit and it's super high nutrition until there was a way to keep the fruit cold and refrigerated. Refrigeration facilities have been built in the Amazon during the last twenty years to keep the fruit cold enough to ship throughout the world. A process of freeze drying called freeze-dried OptiAcai has been developed to preserve the nutrients and antioxidants in it's natural state of nutrition for shipping.

It has one of the highest antioxidant levels of any fruit in the world, including 'good fats', minerals and vitamins. Antioxidants clean our cells in the body of free radicals that cause disease in tissues. They are like a sponge that soak up the bad stuff and infuse the good stuff.       

The people of Brazil eat acai berry as a soup, drink, ice cream and smoothies. It is now in shampoos and skin products as well. Acai berry health benefits are evident in the native people and research for more than one hundred years. Benefits of acai berry drinks are numerous that include a huge anitoxidant, the good fats, fiber, easy use and storage. A nice side effect of eating this is acai berry weight loss that happens almost by itself when also eating other alkaline foods.

Drinking different blends of other fruits juices with acai may be effective for an approach toward prevention and management of oxidative stress linked diseases such as heart problems and cancers.

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Research on acai berry information has found no negative acai berry side effects.

A meal plan that includes an acai berry supplement is a good choice. Since acai berry antioxidants are so high it really helps to keep free radicals that cause disease way low. My husband and I drink an acai berry fruit blend every morning and evening and so do my sons. I  absolutely love my acai berry drink, it's delicious and just knowing that we are getting the maximum nutrition in the morning to start the day is a nice feeling especially with the health benefits of acai.

Acai berry information that is accurate and full of good research can be found in a book written by Alexander G, Schauss PhD titled, "The extraordinary Antioxidant-Rich Palm Fruit"  on He has spent years researching acai from Brazil to the archived documents in Portugal. His company tests the efficacy of food and antioxidant levels. A fun, interesting, accurate history of acai to the present day.

Not only are we taking in great nutrition for prevention and wellness but it's easy and fast to pour and drink. It's  full of live digestive enzymes for good, easy digestion of foods and keeps the bowels regular and happy!

For information on where to buy acai berry in your country or to order acai berry juice or a great acai berry drink you can contact me by filling out the form above. I'll give you individual attention and help answer any questions. There are distribution centers in most countries.

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